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Whether you need to add content to the pages on your website or publish a weekly or monthly blog, our Johnson City content marketing agency is ready to assist with quality content that will engage your customers. Content is how Google determines what your company is about and is what helps prospects make the decision to purchase from you. Integrating a content marketing program into your Internet marketing strategy will give a boost to your business. We offer blogging, article marketing, and web page content creation at affordable prices. Contact our content marketing agency in Johnson City for a free content creation proposal.

On the Internet, content is king. Search engines love it, people love it. In order to capture the attention of your audience and make your way up the search engine rankings, your website simply has to have good content.

Content marketing is the delivery of content to a targeted audience for the purpose of driving sales. This content can include blogs, articles, social media, web page content, SEO landing pages and much more. 

When you order content marketing services from 1-FIND, you can rest assured, the content will never be AI-generated. We have our own copywriter based right here in Johnson City to ensure your content is viewed favorably by your website visitors and Google.

Industry News

Up-to-date industry-relevant posts can inform, educate and entertain your readers leading to increased engagement on social media and more credibility.

Case Studies

Inspire confidence in potential customers using in-depth reports to summarize your past projects and the results you achieved.

Press Releases

Boost your online profile and increase website traffic with interesting and newsworthy stories about your company and brand submitted to press release distribution services.

Content Marketing is the most effective means of sharing your brand with potential and existing audiences to generate a profit. Period. The demand for content marketing and content marketers who know how to use this marketing method effectively is high and very competitive. This, in addition to loads of statistics that show its effectiveness, bears out the driving fact that content marketing works.

But you may be wondering just HOW it actually works. The concept is relatively simple, although in operation, content marketing can be rather complex. Learning more about how content marketing works can help you choose the best content marketer to handle this aspect of your business advertising and brand messaging.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is so effective because it is distinctly different from more traditional forms of marketing. You have likely noticed that TV and radio advertising has degraded to become the most annoying and repetitive garbage imaginable. It is as if the strategy consists of using the most irritating hash imaginable so consumers remember your product or service because of how annoying your commercial was on TV or radio.

Content Marketing abandons all that by providing usable, valuable information that seeks to engage consumers in a relationship. Think of it this way: a traditional advertisement on radio and television tells consumers what a company does and how it does it. Content marketing shares knowledge and actionable insights that help consumers understand why they should take action.

The consumer becomes the center of attention, and is provided with helpful information and ways to use that or get even more. This information is provided in various forms that consumers already enjoy using, which we will list below.

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What Are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Why should you invest in content marketing for your business? The benefits are numerous; some are immediate and others take a while to build and nurture. Since content marketing is more of a long-term strategy, most of your benefits come and grow over time as you continue investing in the process. The top benefits include:

  • Customer Engagement – different forms of content are used to engage with your existing and potential customers, creating a relationship that continues to bring benefits to both parties.
  • Brand Awareness – content marketing keeps your brand and offerings before audiences where they spend the most time: digital platforms.
  • Thought Leadership – as you share quality content pertaining to your industry, you become known by consumers as a recognized authority. This authority makes you reliable in the eyes of consumers, someone safe to do business with time and again.
  • Lead Generation – content marketing is constantly providing opportunities for those seeking your products, services and related information to connect with your company.
  • Lead Nurturing – consumers rarely do business with companies they do not know or trust, so content marketing keeps providing quality information and insights to help meet needs and solve problems. Engaged consumers are much more likely to do business with you.
  • Sales – all the content and investment you have made leads to more sales than from any other form of advertising.

What Businesses Should Use Content Marketing?

Just about everyone uses content marketing. By designing and implementing a formal strategy to use content in numerous ways, you can see your Return on Investment (ROI) continue to rise over time. This is true for both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) companies and industries.

Identifying just how to use content marketing and the various facets that best fit your industry and company must consider your audience and where they spend the most time. B2B and B2C businesses may take somewhat different approaches to content marketing, but the goals and ends results are typically the same.

What are the Different Types of Content Used in Content Marketing?

The type of content you use in your specific marketing strategy will vary according to your audience, goals, and industry. The most popular forms of content can be used (and are used) by virtually everyone. Effective content marketing strategies typically include the following.

Websites and Landing Pages

Your company website is your best marketing tool. It is the foundation on which all your content marketing is built. It is the primary channel through which consumers and potential customers learn about what you have to offer and why they should do business with you.

Landing pages are specific pages on your website that are tailored around specific offerings and subjects. They provide targeted information that encourages a user to take a specific action. These pages are indexed by search engines, which allow users to find them easily. Effective landing page copy not only includes relevant information, but also strong calls to action.

Blog Posts

Highly optimized informational blog posts are powerful tools for engaging your target audiences. These content assets can be directed at consumers in any level of the sales funnel to capture web traffic, address customer pain points, provide deeper information and engage with site users. Blogs are optimized for indexing by search engines so that users can easily locate them and you. They typically provide specific information and internal links to learn more about a narrow topic and end with a specific call to action.


US adults spend nearly six hours per day consuming video content. This means your content marketing strategy needs to use video as a primary form of content, and on various platforms. Videos can be used on your website pages, landing pages, and blogs, as well as the various video-based platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Other Specific-Use Forms of Content

Some forms of content are created for specific uses and shared in different ways. These can include:

  • eBooks and White papers
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns


Succeed with content marketing in Johnson City

Learning the in-depth nuances of content marketing and how to best use it for your company is difficult to do while running your business. This is why most companies employ a content marketing firm to handle these chores. Working with the right content marketing firm can pay rich dividends and knowing the basics can help you work with them for the best possible results.

Contact 1-FIND in Johnson City, Tennessee, for local expertise in content marketing for B2C and B2B companies of all sizes.

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