The simple fact is that every business needs a social media presence. But how does social media help your brand? Social media is where your audience hangs out, spends time interacting, learns about different brands, and otherwise invests quality time. Over 3 billion people use social media every month. Small shops and multinational companies can benefit from leveraging social media to boost their brand. Far beyond a trend, social media is an essential force in modern society, and as such, should be an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. 

Having established this, it is important to note that social media is not enough to drive business growth. Social media platforms can help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. But it requires a strategic approach; more than a mere individual’s personal level of interaction. 

Grab Attention and Build Awareness

Social media is an incredibly busy space where every possible type of consumer spends time at some time during the day or night. And since social media demands such a level of attention, it is the prime place to elbow your way in and grab attention for your business. Brands just like yours regularly share informative articles, videos, and images that engage platform users and spread information to build awareness. 

Original content is always in demand, so the more quality content you share that meets a need for your audience, the more attention you will earn. In addition, quality content must include design elements that grab attention and convey your ideas and brand in a positive light. Of course, what you share to build awareness and gain attention should stem from your overall goals. 

  • What messages do you want potential customers to see? 
  • What can help potential customers identify with your brand? 
  • What is important to you and your company? 
  • Are you seeking to share information or engage in conversation? 
  • Do you want potential customers to discover your services/products? 
  • Do you want to bring more customers into a physical store? 

Make specific goals for your social media strategy and this will help you choose and use the best social media platforms to communicate your messages and reach your target audience. 

Establish Authority 

Having a social media presence is a fantastic way to communicate authoritative information that establishes you as “the” expert in your industry or locale. By regularly sharing quality, useful information through your social media channels, you demonstrate that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, approachable, and professional. 

You can demonstrate your expertise as a recognized leader in your area and industry by sharing quality content related to your expertise or explaining  your company’s mission. By showing what your business offers and values, you will help potential customers build up confidence in your brand as a reliable voice to which they can refer often.

Demonstrate Authenticity

Modern customers are tired of fake news and fake ads, especially on social media. Cold, dry corporate-style social media posts get ignored. Period. Social media gives your brand the chance to display a real, relatable personality to your audience. You can establish a brand voice that represents who you are and what you believe in, as well as services and/or products you offer. 

Authentic brands are personable, yet professional in their voice and communications. Authenticity shines through when you simply present yourself as who you are to others. Social media users want to see real people behind brands, and social media is the perfect venue through which to do this. 

Encourage Engagement

Social media opens the door for a conversation with your audience. From likes, shares, and comments to more direct interaction, platform users can connect with you through your social posts. They can also interact with others about your services and quality. This takes time and management, but it can be well worth the effort to raise engagement between your brand and customers. 

“It’s really important that companies have the right organizational structure to support social media,” said Josh Krakauer, founder and CEO of Sculpt. “A customer support team and a product development team tend to be extremely effective.”

Social Media is Essential for Businesses

Social channels continue to evolve, offering new features and uses for both brands and individuals. Some support from a marketing professional is usually necessary to use social media platforms effectively for business. From the design of ads and posts to content creation to scheduled sharing and customer interactions, your business needs someone in charge of your social media marketing strategy. 

Social media can be a crucial part of your business marketing, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. 1-FIND is your source in the Tri-Cities of Northeast Tennessee for social media marketing and other forms of business marketing. Contact us today for a discussion about your company’s social media presence and other marketing needs.